Reporting a Problem on a Public Footpath, Bridleway or Byway

Please Note: For roadside pavements or 'footpaths' (properly called 'footways') use Report a road problem.

This form is for routes on the Definitive Map or other Routes with Public Access, as defined below.

If you find a problem on a path, please fill in the report form below and if you can, attach photo(s) of the issue. This will be investigated and the appropriate action taken.
It helps if you include your details. This enables us to contact you if we need to reply or seek clarification. Any data you submit is strictly confidential.

Problem encountered

Please Note: Fields marked with an Asterisk (*) are required.


Paste web address from Streetmap #
For Grid References, use standard formats e.g. SK550067 or 455000, 306742 are for County Hall. Streetmap # easily provides these, use the link below the map 'click here to convert co-ordinates'.
Please Note: # Streetmap is a third party site for which LCC accepts no responsibility

Problem details

Date you used the path or observed the problem
Date you used the path or observed the problem

Your details

This data is confidential, but enables us to contact you if we need to reply or seek clarification.


The Definitive Map and Statement is the legal record of the existence, status and exact location of public rights of way. Natural England's website has more information about the legal background to the Definitive Map and Statement. (Natural England webpage)
Other Routes with Public Access is the label on Ordnance Survey maps for routes which may look similar to byways, but are legally part of the roads network but with no sealed surface and somewhat varied in physical character, status and accessibility.

Data Processing Advice

Internet e-mail and web based e-forms are not secure media as messages can be intercepted and read by someone else. Please bear this in mind when deciding whether to send information by either of these methods. Postal addresses for Leicestershire County Council are available from
The contents of this form will be emailed to someone at the County Council who may then respond to your email.

Please refer to the County Council's Privacy Policy

  • Personal data supplied on this form will be held on computer and will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 for statistical analysis, management, planning and in the provision of services by the County Council and its partners.
  • The County Council will treat all information as confidential.
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